About Me

Hi, I'm Mike Austin and thanks for checking out Radio Dad . We are a daily, “dadly”, minute which airs several times per day (Monday - Friday) on radio stations across the globe and internet.

We talk about everything that has to do with fatherhood and being a good dad, grand-dad, step-dad, and/or father figure. We talk to insightful experts, well-known sports figures, authors, celebrities....and we have a lot of fun! Also, on Radio Dad with Mike Austin, we're no strangers to treating more serious subjects with the gentle voice of a caring dad.

From new dads to grand-dads, if the subject is fatherhood, we cover it with helpful tips and ideas from experts or just from my own experience.

I have been on the radio since High School when I got my first show on a small, local station....that was 40 something years ago! I've worked at many different stations and have had tons of real world experiences at being a dad..and I haven't always been my best. I've stutter stepped and fallen on the path to being a good dad, and probably will again from time to time. Dad's should be celebrated!  Fatherhood is a noble calling that all dads should embrace.  I want to shine the spotlight on GREAT dads and what it takes to be one.

What makes Radio Dad with Mike Austin different is...I'm not “Doctor Mike” or “Reverend Mike”! I'm just a dad to 6 wonderful kids who aren't so “kid-ly” anymore (in fact my oldest son has children and a family of his own now)! I am re-married and now have 3 more girls and another son in the family.

It was back in the mid 1990's that I was going through a divorce and wondering how I was going to remain in my then 2 children's lives and stay relevant. All the dads I talked to seemed NOT to be able to give me good, solid answers or the books all came from Doctors, Lawyers, or “Brainiacs” all of whom I couldn't relate to....I just wanted to be a BETTER DAD!

One day, I was thinking of what I could contribute to solve the problem, and decided to use my radio skills for something besides introducing songs and being funny! I created “Radio Dad with Mike Austin”!

Check back here for articles, subscribe to our podcasts, pick up some cool, DADLY swag, or contact me and say “Hi” or suggest ideas for the radio segment or guests or even write an article for us!

Thanks for stopping by and tell your friends!


Mike - sitting (mouth open)