In this show I chat with an old friend and one dapper dude, Jes’us Angel Miguel Garcia!  Jes’us is the head of the Spanish Institute in Canada and also an etiquette and manners expert.  He consults diplomats on how to act in certain situations and he also does interpreting, teaches Spanish and Latin, and I have NEVER seen him not dressed in a suit with cufflinks!

In today’s society, we have a culture of casual.  We think nothing of going to the store in sweatpants or when was the last time you saw a guy remove his ball hat when sitting down to eat?  We may even see a family member dressed in shorts and flip flops at a funeral!  But, beyond how we dress, this casualness affects how we talk, how we carry ourselves, how we treat others and more!  Jes’us gives us tips, ideas and some mottos to live by in this episode.  C’mon men….we are setting the example for our kids and generations to come!