Do you or would you charge your adult kids, rent?  Some parents are giving their adult children 3 times as much money as they’re putting into their own retirement accounts!  Helping our kids morph into the adulting world is filled with financial, moral, ethical and sometimes even spiritual landmines!  How do we help without overstepping or enabling to the point of making our adult kids incapable of making their own decisions and carving their own path?  I talk with Ed Butowsky, financial strategist and expert in wealth management.

Next, do you like your job?  While there are NO perfect jobs and, these days, everyone has some kind of side hustle…if not a full on business on the side, employee satisfaction is an all time high!  Credit sign on bonuses, paid time off, a tighter labor market and work-from-home flex to name just a few reasons.  Darin Kidd is a corporate trainer and author of “I Will Until: Unlock Your Limitless Power”.  We chat about the job market, owning a business and being dad.  ENJOY!