n this episode of “Radio Dad with Mike Austin”, I talk with Josephine Nicholas about the family business that she and her siblings run, Published Daily We chat about the dynamics of working with your family and the challenges and rewards. Josephine also describes how you can build a business that includes your family so that you are all on the same page. Hint…..keep the bigger goal in mind and sometimes you have to humble yourself.

Next, I talk with an energetic dude I was recently introduced to by a mutual friend. Imagine two, hyper, enthusiastic guys having a conversation. Tom Matt is my guest and Tom is into a lot of things. He’s a personal trainer/fitness coach, a Dad (of course), an author, public speaker and host of “The Tom Matt Show” online. Tom and I talk about navigating the part of your life, as Dad, known as “The Empty Nest Years”. It’s important that you and your wife have something, more than the kids, that holds you together! That sounds weird to say, but, once the kids move out and begin their own life, you have to still have each other and a common goal/interest. Tom and his wife started a company!