In this episode of Radio Dad…..

First– Where do you go to do some of your best thinking?  I have a short story about sitting in my bathroom!  Also, I pepper throughout this episode, some Dadly Advice from guys who aren’t your dad?  These are small nuggets of wisdom, handed down from mentors in life and around the neighborhood.

Next– my guests are:  Harry Karidis of Karidis Productions in Los Angeles.  Harry runs his own production company and I met him on the set of a commercial shoot.  His daughter, Vanessa, works for him and I get his take on the dynamics of working in your own company, with your daughter!  Harry has lots of advice like “Be a lifelong learner”.

Then– I speak with Tom Gagliano, author of the book, “Don’t Put Your Crap In Your Kid’s Diaper.”  Basically Tom talks about your own emotional baggage and how to supply your children with the tools they need to control their emotions and behavior.


Enjoy!  Thanks for listening…PLEASE share and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!