Thanks for listening to Radio Dad with Mike Austin…shining the spotlight on good dads and the noble calling of being “dadly”!  It’s a 3-fer today, with 3 guests in this episode!

First- Jim O’Kane has a website about single dads on TV.  Jim is a single dad himself and covers TV, single dads from the ’50’s right on up into today!

Second- It’s a short Radio Dad Road Trip!  I went to chat with a chiropractor/trainer friend to get a demonstration and advice on how to give a good “piggy back” ride without killing your back!

Finally- I’m joined by Billy Mays III….the son of the late, great Billy Mays who was the quintessential pitch man on TV.  Remember the guy with the dark hair and beard in the blue shirt and khaki pants?  His son has some wonderful things to say about his dad and growing up traveling to carnivals and trade shows, pitching products!

In between, I have a few funny lines from dads who have told little lies to their kids!  Stuff like

“…that’s not beef, it’s brown chicken!”

Enjoy and tell your friends and “share” the Radio Dad podcast!