Welcome back to Radio Dad where we shine the spotlight on good dads, dadly deeds, ideas and the noble calling to be a dad!  Today’s guests begin with a visit with a professional “Strong Man”…seriously, Eliott Hulse makes his living being strong and not just physically (although he IS)!  Elliot will talk about building your own “warehouse” type gym in your garage…on the cheap!  Also, Elliott gets into his dad and how growing up barefoot in the jungles of Belize, Elliot’s dad became mentally & physically strong!  THEN….my second guest was a staple in our house as I was growing up.  “Happy Days” was a sitcom on TV from 1973 to 1984!  (remember Fonzie?  “AAAYYYYY”).  I talk with “Potsie”, Anson Williams about getting the “Happy Days” gig and his book, “Singing To A Bulldog”, what that means and his unlikely mentor growing up with a less than amiable dad.  As always, TELL YOUR FRIENDS about Radio Dad with Mike Austin.

Topics: Anson Williams, Elliot Hulse, Fatherhood, Gym, Happy Days, Strength, Strength Camp