Welcome to the latest Radio Dad podcast.  In this show, an old friend stops by the studio.  Mike O’Brien is a great dad and when one of his sons came home from college, they ended up making beer together.  We talk about the experience (neither had ever tried it before) and the memories they made together.  Next, it’s a “Dad-preneur”.  Mark Apelt and his buddy were at a birthday party for a young child, during the Covid stuff.  When the child blew out the candles, they both wondered…”why are we OK with someone blowing and spitting on our food, when it’s birthday cake?”  So they created the BLOWZEE!  It’s a goovy device that allows the user to blow in one end and activate a small fan propeller on the other end.  We talk about the inventing process and how he “sold” the idea to his wife and family.  She thought he was nuts…at first.  Again, thanks for listening to the Radio Dad with Mike Austin!  Thanks to our sponsor too, www.beerescued.com Visit their site and tell your friends about Radio Dad with Mike Austin.