A couple of Radio Dad Road Trips this episode!  First I have a quick clip at a boat show with a lady who, along with her dad, take handicapped people out fishing!  It’s called “Fishing Has No Boundaries” and it was started in Wisconsin.

Next, I chat with Tim Myer, story teller, song writer, poet and author of the book, “Glad To Be Dad”.  With all it’s challenges and life’s bumps in the road, we need to remind ourselves that we should be GLAD TO BE DAD!  By recounting personal experiences, offering honest, sincere opinions, and including quizzes for fatherly-preparedness, Tim Myers emphasizes the importance of fatherly contribution and influence in the home.

Finally, it’s another Radio Dad Road Trip.  This time to Biele Upholstery!  Curt Biele is a 3rd generation master at the craft of upholstery for furniture.  He’s a very entertaining and gentle guy and I’m happy we ran into each other!  ENJOY!

Topics: business, dad, dadpreneuer, family, Fatherhood, fishing, Glad To Be Dad