I’ve been thinking about hobbies that Dads can do along with their kids.  Hiking/camping comes to mind, but not everyone is cut out for the great outdoors (although we should ALL love it).  I’m talking about screenless hobbies, those things that get us away from video gaming, phones, movie night…those things that make us interact, slow down and think.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about family game night, which we’ll cover in an upcoming episode.  But, I was wondering about a hobby I had, as a kid, and wondered if Slot car racing was still a thing, as well as building plastic car models.  Turns out the Revell company (the quintessential car model company from back in the day), STILL EXISTS AND IS THRIVING!

Joining me on this episode of Radio Dad, is the President of the Carrera Revell company of AmericaFrank Tiessen.  Frank is of German blood and remembers growing up with car models and racing sets.  He’s spent over 20 years in the toy industry (COOL JOB!) and is proud to be associated with the famed Carrera name (I automatically think Porsche)!  Frank and I talk about hobbies, Dads and kids building models and racing.  ENJOY!

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