Winter can be brutal weather wise, depending on where you live.  It might be easy to kick back, try to stay warm and just wait until things warm up.  However, Winter can offer a whole new vista of activities to do with the family….lead by Dad, of course!  Dr. Parnell Donahue is a pediatrician, author, lecturer and he’s a Dad and Granddad!

Doc talks with us about outdoor and indoor activities.  Imagine having a giant cookout….on a frozen pond!  From sledding to camping, skiing, snowman building or yes…..even throwing snowballs at each other….Winter can be full of outdoor activities.

OK, so you want to stay inside, where it’s warm…no worries.  Doc also talks about the mental and physical benefits to playing games indoors, doing some imagination games like Charades, or how about making a giant pot of homemade soup?!

Tons of good info from a great guy, Dr. Parnell Donahue!