On this show, I talk with Dr. Jay Geed about the difference between a teen boy’s “Destructive” behavior and the seemingly inherent need to take risks.  A boy gets to a certain age and has the drive to “prove his manhood” by doing things like rock climbing, skydiving, swimming with sharks….I did that one….don’t ask…HEY, I’m alive!  Unfortunately, stupid internet stunts can take the place of noble, manly activities.  How can a dad talk with his boys about what’s brave and what’s downright STUPID?!

Next, Tim Myers is a storyteller and author.  We chat about the art of storytelling and how good it is for a dad to be able to weave a decent, interesting story for his kids.  Tim is the author of the book, “Glad To Be Dad” and we delve into his book jus a bit.  ENJOY!