I admit it, I’M CHEAP!! Maybe I should say “frugal”. I get it from my dad. I hate wasting food, so I take leftovers and even stuff like the organic, leafy sludge from tea bags, and use it all in a breakfast stir fry with eggs! I drip water into “dried up”, yellow highlighters to get more use out of them and I insist our family wash used zip lock baggies and hang them up on a special rack I made so they will dry and can be re-used!   But a dad who is thrifty is a dad who saves money and has more time to spend with his family. My dad often, if he needed something, would just make it himself….often out of scraps.
In this show I welcome my friend, Tim Meinholz, who lives on a small farm with his family and is trying to be more self sufficient. We talk about the advantages of living frugally and some ideas.
Next, John Vasco is a man who, along with his wife, many years ago, embarked on a quest to be “off the grid”. They now have a homestead that runs on a combination of solar, wind and also wood heat. John and his wife raised their boys to rely on their own skills and wits. John is also a small farmer with chickens, a cow or two and other things that allow them to, pretty much, live comfortably without much need for utility companies and paying money for basic services. ENJOY!