Two different subjects in this episode.  First, I talk with Greg Keer from Family Man Online, about being the leader your kids need, in the face of disaster.  We are in tumultuous times.  War, disease, the economy….bad vibes are everywhere!  Greg says that dads are “built” to protect and provide.  We need to put on our super hero cape and wrap our kids up in it.  What about the “24 hour news cycle”, how much…IF ANY…should they be exposed to?  Greg also touches on an important part of being a leader and that is teaching your kids to be leaders and how to help others.

Next, I chat with businessman, dad, writer and entrepreneur, Dan Steenerson, about being a dad with ideas.  Ideas are easy to come by, it’s the implementation and fortitude of the dad behind those ideas, that makes the difference.  But, not every guy is cut out to be in business for himself.  We talk with Dan about the influx of “Wanna-preneurs”.  These are dads who have LOTS of ideas, but just can’t seem to get things off the ground.  We chat about why more people are starting businesses these days and what it takes…what are he qualities you need to look for within yourself.  Also, just what IS professional A.D.D.?  Plus, Dan says, if you can explain how to tie your shoes…in detail…you might have what it takes to stick to your plan.  If you DON’T have all it takes to own your own business, what can a dad do to fill in the gaps.

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