I have an eclectic show for you this time.  I found these two interviews, from a few years ago, in my archives.  First, I have a talk about your NUTS!  Now, before you jump to conclusions…N.U.T.S. stands for:  Non-negotiable, Un-alterable, Terms.  These are the things that you are willing to commit to and stand for.  The things that define you and if you compromise your NUTS, you can become angry, miserable and hard to like.  Wayne Levine joins us to talk about his book, “Hold Onto Your N.U.T.S.“!


I’m joined by Keya Morgan, who owns the world’s largest collection of photos and artifacts of General Ulysses S. Grant.  I ask him about what General Grant was like as a husband and father.  Wait until you hear about the heroic effort he put forth…ON HIS DEATHBED!  Thanks for listening, subscribing and sharing. Enjoy!

Topics: Civil War, dad, Fatherhood, General Grant, Men, nuts, parenting, presidents