Jes’us Angel Miguel Garcia is an award winning educator, a fine gentleman, etiquette expert and my friend.  Jes’us teaches through his website: .  He has been heralded by the Winnipeg Free Press as “internationally recognized as a premier linguistic instructor”, “the leading Spanish-language specialist in Winnipeg”!  In this episode of Radio Dad, Jes’us tells us, not only what a dad should be teaching his son on clothing and manners (through words and example), but WHY.  If we understand the meaning and purpose of looking and acting our best, then we are more likely to put it into practice.  We all have seen people, in the store, IN PAJAMAS!!!!

In this episode we cover:

The 3 things to consider when choosing clothing.

Those same things work well when you have a guest in your home.

Style isn’t about how much money you spend, but HOW you do it.

Heirlooms, handed down, are a great way to keep up classic style.

“Semantics” ( the meaning behind) in everything…architecture, language and clothing.

WHY should we even want to wear stylish clothing? (it’s not about you).

You are an ambassador of your family.

…and more!