When Scott Cramton was born, he had a cleft pallet.  It took 6 or 7 surgeries just to get him to the point of being able to speak.  Scott worked hard , with his speech therapist(s) and was very focused even though he was told he should NEVER do any kind of public speaking!  His dad fought hard and worked hard to get Scott the help he needed, from surgery to speech therapy and confidence building.  Scott’s dad worked 2 jobs and tons of overtime.  In the end, Scott WENT INTO PUBLIC SPEAKING!!!  He has formed the “American Immersion Theater”.
I talk with Scott about his company and The sacrifices his dad made for him.  Scott’s dad was a performer who never got the chance to perform. Due to his noble work ethic and dedication to his family, Scott’s dad entertained those around him, but never got the big chance.
In this show:
1- What IS “Immersion Theater”?
2- How he shut down Hollywood Blvd…..TWICE!
3- The value of watching things has never been lower, but how much do we “experience”?
4- How Scott overcame a severe cleft pallet.
5- What his dad, Ron, did to support Scott and how his dad paid for the expensive surgies…HEROIC!
6- His dad’s sacrifices
7- The life & dreams Scott’s dad put aside so his son could have shot at a normal life.
8- How his dad pushed him to get outside of his comfort zone.
9- The video he made in tribute to his dad.
10- Scott’s advice for other dads (he is the dad to a little girl).
11- “If you’re not in over your head….you’re not trying hard enough”! 

Topics: acting, American Immersion Theater, cleft pallet, dads, family, Mike Austin, murder mystery, Radio Dad, sacrifice, Scott Cramton, theater