It’s graduation time and we are launching our kids and young adults out, into their next big adventure!  So, I called up some friends to give advice both in “dadliness” and in business.

In this episode of Radio Dad with Mike Austin, I chat with Ralph Heath, author of “Celebrating Failure, The Power of Taking Risk, Making Mistakes & Thinking Big”.  Ralph and I talk about the power of “failing” in a task as just a the first of many steps to success!  If you know failure is just a first step, then you’re not “scared” to fail…and if you’re not scared to fail, it frees you up to think outside the box.  Ralph describes a story of when he went hiking with his daughters and how he taught them to take the lead and be motivated.  We talk about using all these “business” skills in being a good dad!

Next up, Marty Nemko, author of “Cool Careers For Dummies”!   With Summer looming, it’s a great time to teach your younger kids about business with a LEMONADE STAND!  However, Marty suggests going above and beyond in service and product….just like any other business.  Marty points out that dads have an enormous effect on how the lemonade stand looks and runs by NOT getting too involved.  he says dads just need to ask the right questions….listen to find out what those questions are.  Marty also tells a cool story about doing security for his dad’s store…when he was just a kid!   ENJOY!