Took some time off for a little Summer fun and now we are back with our weekly shows.


The importance of a strong, loving dad, in the lives of children is important, even essential.  We dads are important while NOT be perfect….that’s OK.  Dads are not meant to just be another “mom” or the guy who says “whatever your mother says”, to the children.  We are meant to lead mentally, morally, logically and spiritually.  My first guest, today, is Dr. John Braccio, clinical psychologist with a discussion about family and dad’s importance and Doc will give us some stats that should wake us up!

Next, Roy Paul, Executive Director at Cents Ability will talk with us about dads as the financial leader in the family.  Do we teach our kids how to be frugal, how to budget, how to save…and what about CRYPTO?!  Cents Ability seeks to get into schools on an academic level while working with families to help them understand the financial world.  ENJOY!